Fully Insulated Turn Key Solutions

We are a New South Wales based company manufacturing modular houses, designs and providing turn key solutions. Our environment friendly products and solutions are customized for quick and competent construction and configuring aesthetic prefab buildings. All of our prefabricated buildings are designed well insulated with out compromising structural strength, and delivered in a kit and mostly stacked in a bundle. Clients can use our prefabs for building clinics, schools, mining camps, homes, storage units and low cost community centers. With talented and experienced craftsmanship, we focus on to build prefab houses with our dedicated and experienced team world wide. So, be sure of getting finely structured buildings in traditional or modern designs for fulfilling your housing requirement.

Aussie Panel is led by a team of professionals who value sustainability, design and modern finishes. We prefer to combine our in detail experience in the construction, design and development sector to create superior modular houses. Our projects have been accomplished to the specifics of our clients and enhanced in standard by working with engineers, architects, specialist consultants and modular panel installers.



Prefab Houses & Commercial Buildings

All Aussie Panel prefabricated buildings are built using modifiable modules. A module consists of a strongly welded steel frame that is covered structurally with insulated panels to produce energy efficient units. Modules are assembled with great expertise to generate every size living space fitting your design and site. Though prefabs design and development options are unlimited, still we assure to deliver every home design by working around the budget and project requirements of clients.

With us, manufacturing and installation of your prefab house can be done thereby saving you time, money and minimising the noise and mess on your site. Our modular building approach enables us to control quality and maintain it till completion.


Uniquely designed with environmentally friendly features, Aussie Panel gives the most modern, efficient, prefab houses and building solutions.

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